New Album ‘Brighter Future’ Makes A Big Gigantic Difference

Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic, a funk-EDM hybrid collaboration between producer/saxophonist Dominic Lalli and touring dummer Jeremy Salken, has been making a positive difference in more ways than one. #ABigGiganticDifference has kicked off very well since it started a few years ago — through the initiative, fans of Big Gigantic have collected thousands of pounds of food and logged countless volunteer hours for a variety of nonprofit organizations and charities.

Most recently they’ve made a positive impact on the world through their release of Brighter Future. This album has the end goal of promoting “positivity, love, accepting, and understanding.”

Brighter Future was prefaced with the release of a whopping 5 single sneak-peeks. This started with the release of “C’mon,” another track by quite possibly the greatest future funk collab of all time — Big Gigantic and fellow producer/saxophonist GRiZ (Grant Kwiecinski). Here, Lalli and Kwiecinski kill a saxophone duet in an epic outro.

Another teaser released before the album features Angela McCluskey, a Scottish singer-songwriter from folk-rock group Wild Colonials. In “The Little Things” McCluskey’s voice is put in the middle of an extravagant, snazzy event featuring big band hits that conjure up flashes of gold.

Big Gigantic Brings Us a Brighter Future

The album is sealed together well with an EDM “Odyssey Pt. 1” intro and a resolving, saxophone-filled “Long Time Coming” outro. The only other song on the album without an outside feature is “Bring the Funk Back,” with a descending dubstep synth that forces you to get down with it. The break makes me think of cruising in a low-rider.

Other features in the album include Pell’s soulful voice and verses in “Miss Primetime.” Logic sings/raps with ROZES in “All Of Me.” Waka Flocka Flame kills it in the super chill track “Highly Possible.”

Probably my favorite track off of Big Gigantic’s new album release is “Wide Open,” featuring the electronic duo CHERUB. The drums keep you locked in a groove while the dubstep synth slaps you in the face.

Definitely check out Brighter Future, which is available now through Spotify, Soundcloud, and iTunes, and if you’re interested in making #ABigGiganticDifference, you can find a way to help your community by checking their website for a spot near you!

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