Charly Bliss Doesn’t Want to “Scare U” With Buffy Tribute

charly bliss

Charly Bliss eradicated my heaven, a remake of a 90s classic wrapped up in a pop rock bow.

Straight from bubbly guitar pop debut Guppy comes “Scare U” and its music video. Complete with creepy coworkers, hideous uniforms, and a ’90s tv set, this tribute to cult drama series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Charly Bliss Takes Casualties to the Max

“Scare U” is front woman Eva’s recollection of an attempt to look “really, really” cool in front of a casual hookup. Talking extremes, including extremely wanting to make the relationship exclusive, the music video demonstrates this differently.

The video, taking place in fictional restaurant “Pappy’s,” uncovers the extreme of customers being abducted to produce “local” ingredients. That the restaurant takes that definition so literally is obviously all about pushing the limit.

Guppy became available in April, and is a debut full of “Scare U”-esque anthems, in terms of both musicianship and lyricism. Eva’s sweet voice drifts over every song on the record, creating a fun listen. The band’s unique existence between hard hitting guitar and pop made songs “Percolator,” “Glitter,” and “Black Hole” stand out.

Additionally, evident in “Scare U,” as well as the album as a whole, is blatant truth in lyrics. Raw honest policy is the best with Charly Bliss. Accidentally date someone exactly like you? There’s a song for that. Found yourself enveloped in the honeymoon phase of a relationship? Check out “Totalizer,” a super fun track that you can get lost in, just like time with your outside relationships if you’re caught up with one person. Reportedly Eva’s favorite to play live, “Totalizer” is the most vocally expressive, and the music is as bubbly and diverse.

Future Surprises

A music video, an album, and Charly Bliss is still rolling. At the same time, the band is releasing a comic book with interpretations of each track from Guppy. Also, the limited edition vinyl drops later this month, and comes with a disk of two previously unreleased songs, “Golden Age” and “Special”.

Charly Bliss brings to the table a different formula from other favorite pop rock bands such as Diet Cig or Girlpool. Reinstating the “pop is cool” movement for fans in the scene is the vibe here, and it’s embraced. From Rolling Stone to Billboard, NPR, Stereogum, and Consequence of Sound, the accolades are stacked high for this east coast band. Find out why with Guppy.

Currently, the band is on tour with Wolf Parade until January, a chance to warm up from the cold with a dance party at your local music venue.