IBG Interview – 8 Questions With Acousticmaddie


Creating music is an art that lives in certain people. Our friend Acousticmaddie has this gift.  She is storytelling lyricist and songwriter from Sweden that studies songwriting and performs and writes in the Folklore genre. We caught up with Acousticmaddie to get behind the artist’s mind. Enjoy the interview here:


First off, what made you decide to go with the moniker Acousticmaddie?

I am, as my son would describe it, in love with acoustic guitars. Can’t help myself if we are invited somewhere, or at a cafe and there is a guitar, I have to touch it …and then I am stuck and music just takes me to another dimension. Oh and well it blended perfectly with my name.


How would you describe your unique sound?

I base my music and lyrics on feelings and try to draw the listener in with a minimalistic touch. And well, an instrumental should also draw you in and tell you a story. Make you become the moment and part with the music. I am not afraid to upset people, which, I think, is the main point in art. I Live by Eminem’s words; “Music is not suppose to be nice it’s suppose to make you feel.” and if I get a reaction that is good.


What draws and motivates you to create music?

It is something indescribable in the creational phase of music that makes the world disappear. I think any guitarist will agree that every damn time you grab the guitar for “Just a few minutes” suddenly some hours has passed. And when you create you embrace that feeling and flow in an almost sensual passionate moment where nothing else matters.


Who are your biggest musical influences?

Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen and Jan Johansson.


What is your songwriting process?

First of all I don’t believe in inspirational writing. It’s art but it is also work and to keep it up I write something every day (But I don’t produce everything) I sit with my guitar and ask my family or a friend for a prompt. Or I use a word generator to give me a word to write around or sometimes book where I decide something like “Today it’s  chapter 10, 5th line” (or similar) in beforehand and then I have to write something from whatever there is.

Then I grab my guitar (I always write with the guitar)  try to get a sense for the feeling. Sometimes it becomes just a melody, sometimes the story just flows out.

Enjoy the dark “My Last Will” by Acousticmaddie


Tell us how your recent album Anxiously Awaiting came to be?

It came to be through a school project where we had to get to know different DAW’s and I got stuck into the experimental phase and instead of adding sound, I took instruments of. As Jan Johansson does in his series of “Jazz på ryska, Jazz på svenska etc” where it’s just a piano and a cello. I thought can I create a story of this?


What is next for Acousticmaddie?

A produced EP about Trafficking, which will be free of charge but we will ask you to remember the organisation Talita instead of paying and next year an acoustic album with 10 Urban legends songs. Some of them written during the 50 songs in 90 days challenge.


What advice would you give to other artists pursuing their passion?

Be humble and work with and always help out others. The intern that makes your coffee might be the next super-star so treat everyone equal and nice.


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