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illrecur Takes Us On A Journey to ‘Evolu’ 

illrecur (all lower case) is the name of the long-running studio project helmed by composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Allen Pursell. Pursell is an amazingly prolific musician and has released 39 albums worth of music since 1997. Working from Columbus, Ohio, he creates experimental instrumental music across many styles. The latest illrecur record, one of

IBG Interview – 8 Questions With Acousticmaddie

Creating music is an art that lives in certain people. Our friend Acousticmaddie has this gift.  She is storytelling lyricist and songwriter from Sweden that studies songwriting and performs and writes in the Folklore genre. We caught up with Acousticmaddie to get behind the artist’s mind. Enjoy the interview here:   First off, what made

Hamid Sami Explores Sound on Cold Days

Some individuals have so much music inside of them that they must find different outlets to release it out into the world. Having solo and group projects helps to find a spot for everything. Our recent discovery Hamid Sami is one such musical mind. His talent needs to be heard. The singer-songwriter and composer hails