Hamid Sami Explores Sound on Cold Days

Hamid Sami

Some individuals have so much music inside of them that they must find different outlets to release it out into the world. Having solo and group projects helps to find a spot for everything. Our recent discovery Hamid Sami is one such musical mind. His talent needs to be heard.

The singer-songwriter and composer hails from Tehran, Iran. Hamid Sami is full of music and explores all styles to create whatever the day may hold. Back in 2010, he founded the band Telecraze. That project blended alternative rock with experimental and psychedelic sounds to reach into the hearts of its listeners. Keeping a band of this genre together in Iran proved difficult and Hamid decided to move forward with Telecraze as a solo project for recording. An LP that has been in the works for the past 3 years is scheduled for release in 2018.

Hamid was also selected to perform in Music Freedom Day Netherlands/Hague in 2010.

The other end of the spectrum for Hamid Sami was composing music for film soundtracks. These dark ambient songs are able to lead the listener on a journey in their mind while allowing the focus to be on the visual elements of the story.

Sami found a friend across the world in Jon Meyer. The Portland based film director and musician was putting together a documentary film called Thanks For Checking In. They collaborated on some of the music and placed the track “Cold Joy” into the film.



The film went on to win a Platinum Award at the Mindfield Awards in Los Angeles, California for best documentary.

Hamid Sami has recently put together another piece called “Wrong Wrights”. Listen Here:



This one is quite longer and layers many elements to create one full piece that is truly beautiful. Somehow the song seems dark and light at the same moment. Elegant piano floats above ominous synth sounds to fill the lush soundscape.

Seeing both sides of Hamid Sami gives us the opportunity to see a man that really loves his craft and puts all his efforts and emotions into each song he writes. This is definitely an artist to keep an eye on for whatever endeavor he takes on next.


You can keep up with Hamid Sami on SOUNDCLOUD