Chase spreads the Wealth with ‘The Currency Of Love’


Chase A. Matthews is a Hip-Hop artist and producer based in Denver, Colorado who has made his name in the rap music game in only a few short years. He didn’t get serious about music until he was 17 but immediately blew up in his high school and hometown when he did. He knew in his heart that he was meant to make music and started putting in work. His latest release, The Currency Of Love, is his fourth since dropping his first EP in 2016 and is his best effort to date.

Chase is a self-contained Renaissance man who writes, engineers, produces, mixes, and masters all of his own music and, as such, has developed a unique lyrical and musical style that allows him to stand apart from his peers. The tracks on The Currency Of Love deftly combine funky beats and trap-isms, pop hooks, EDM synths, and deeper-than-most lyrical bars into music that hasn’t been heard until now. Chase also has an atmospheric production style that gives his songs a cinematic quality perfectly suited to the mind movies he relates on the microphone.

The single “Miserable” is a fine example of this soundtrack-worthy vibe. It’s a highly personal breakup story that lives in the grey areas between people. Chase dives into his own mind to pull out the wisdom he needs to thrive and survive. Few rap artists show their authentic selves like this, which is why they don’t shine like this. Other must-hear cuts on this set include “Zxmbie Boy,” “333,” and “Beauty Queen.”

Overall, The Currency Of Love is an outstanding effort from a young artist still expanding into his talent. Chase controls his entire process and every beat, note, and word is exactly where he wants them to be. This record is something new for the rap fans of the world and has the potential to introduce Chase to an exponentially larger audience. Here’s hoping that happens sooner rather than later.


-Review by Mike O’Cull, independent music journalist

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