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Sasha Raven

Too many artists nowadays overthink their music and complicate the whole songwriting process. Our recent find Sasha Raven keeps it simple… and beautiful. We had the chance to chat with him as he releases his newest track “Indian Summer”.

Enjoy the in-depth interview here:

First off, do you have a fascination with the Raven?

Hi Everybody! Yes, I admit that I have. When I first read a poem from mighty Edgar Allan Poe, The Raven, I’m simply fascinated by this creature — animal. If I may expose, I’m really obsessed with Poe and The Raven. A week ago, I wrote or made this quote: »Have You ever noticed, that in the words a poem — Poe(m), a poet — Poe(t), poetry — Poe(try), a poetess — Poe(tess), is hidden the last name of the mighty poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe? So, He has to be the greatest master of poetry?« — Sasha Raven (Author: © Copyright: Sasha Raven)

How would you describe the music of Sasha Raven?

First of all, I would like to say, that I like to experiment with all kinds of music. I go into every genre, if that’s possible. On the internet You can find a lot of that. From doom metal to ballads, to electronic etc…. My music is very simple. I don’t like to complicate things.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

First, they were Guns N’ Roses, then Nirvana, after Nirvana were Radiohead, after Radiohead were Muse, but I’m constantly in love all the time, with the band Suede or The London Suede. When I first heard their album Coming Up, I said: »That’s it!« From Beautiful Ones to By the Sea, this album is just simply amazing (masterpiece). I never get bored listening to it. And, I would like to expose one album from The Cardigans, Gran Turismo, for my music taste, this is the best album in the world, of course from my point of view.

How does a song come to you? What is your songwriting process?

I play chords over and over, different combinations all the time, then I just hear what suits the best for me, and I compose of those combinations a melody, and I just start to grumble something (keywords) for the lyrics. I record that on my phone, that I don’t forget everything.

Your song “Indian Summer” seems very personal. Tell us the story behind it?

Indian Summer is one of my first songs, I think, I wrote it in the year 2000, not sure about that, maybe 2001? It has a very simple structure built with only four chords — G, C, D and e7. In those times, I only knew how to play only four chords. I just started to learn a guitar. The story in Indian Summer is about a couple who just broke up. She fell in love with the other guy, who is very rich. But her ex-boyfriend is trying to get her back at any cost. You won’t believe me, but this is a true story, which happened to me in my personal life. So I just wrote this simple song to encourage myself. I was so in love with that girl. I wanted her at any costs. Today, if I look back in the past, I’m very thankful to her, and I just laugh at myself, and I think, what a fool I was, but at least she gave me an inspiration for a melody and the lyrics. »Thank You!« And, I don’t sing about the weather or season in Indian Summer, like many think. P.S.: An Indian summer is a period of great success late in someone’s life or career, often after a period of not being successful. A period of success or happiness near the end of somebody’s life.

Source: https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/an+Indian+summer

What do you hope a listener will take away from a Sasha Raven song?

I always put in my song all my feelings and I sing with all my feelings, from the bottom of my heart. I’m not afraid to expose that in my song. You can feel that in my voice, or in the way I sing. Some will laugh at me, maybe they’ll say, what a weirdo, but many will feel that. I always show my real feelings. I can’t fake it. If I’m sad or down, I will show You a true nature at that moment, if I’m happy, then You’ll feel I’m happy. So, I hope a Listener will recognize Himself/Herself in it.

What advice would you give to other artists continuing to live their musical dreams?

Don’t listen to all the negative people, who surround You (maybe Your family, Your fake friends etc.). They will always try to stop You, from Your goals (aims), because They are just afraid of what You may become, or maybe They just don’t understand You. Just follow Your dreams, and work hard, but the most important thing is — have faith in what You’re doing! Be Yourself, don’t imitate no one, because people will see that, and They will say: »Ah, He/She is a copy of …« And be always kind to all the people, even if They spread strange and nasty rumors about You. Of course, everything has to be in balance! Don’t be too kind!!! If it’s meant to be, that You will succeed, You definitely will! Don’t put Your precious energy into Them. It’s always like that, some will support You and some will turn Their backs away from You. Don’t be surprised, even Your best friend might disappoint You. I will quote Kurt Cobain (Come As You Are): »As a friend, as a friend, as an known enemy. Take a rest as a friend, as an old memoria, memoria, memoria, memoria.« I interpret these lyrics in my own way, so please, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t write these lyrics!

How does Sasha Raven see the rest of 2019 going for him?

I hope that I will finally realize some of my basic, music demo ideas, which I post them on my Soundcloud account, into professional recordings. I would love to record my songs, such as Moment, Then You Say Goodbye, Lay Down. But nothing comes easy, or overnight. There are a lot of great, amazing musicians! I don’t underestimate anyone! And of course, it would be very awesome and amazing to get one record, music label. But I say, that everything is in God’s hands, if I may say so. I have plans, but the last word has always a God. And yes, in 2019 it would be awesome to have a lot of interviews like this! And at the end of this interview, I would like to personally say: »Thank You for this interview!« And: »God bless You all!«

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