Chiara Oldano Starts Her Journey ‘Fluorescently’

Chiara Oldano

Music and the creative arts are often pushed aside as students are told to focus on other studies. The arts have long been undervalued in education even though studoes have shown how music education helps students in many other areas. Our recent musical discovery Chiara Oldano has taken this to heart and aims to bring to light a focus on musical dreams in her newest project.

The 20-year-old London based singer-songwriter was born and raised in Italy. Music has been a passion of hers from an early age as she has been developing her technique for years in opera, gospel, and soul. To further her musical education, Chiara Oldano attended a summer program at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston before starting her University studies. She is now in her final year at the University of Exeter studying Marketing and Management. This wide variety of genres and cultural influences has given Chiara her own unique singing and songwriting style. She claims such legends as Céline Dion, Matt Corby, Etta James and Freddie Mercury of Queen as major influences.

Now Chiara Oldano is preparing to unleash her latest project to the world. The 4 song EP Fluorescently will be released over the next few months. The central theme of the EP is finding inner power to achieve your goals, overcoming whatever obstacles may lie in the way.

The title track “Fluorescently” is accompanied by an elegantly filmed music video that helps in building the energy of the track. The beautiful vocals of Chiara lead the way here through inspirational lyrics and a big chorus.

We are treated to a truly soulful track on “Love On The Roof”. There is real emotion in her voice reminiscent of the power of Florence and The Machine. “Nothing To Hide” continues this powerful explosion of high end vocals over elegant sounds.

The closer “We Shine” features a faster tone full of raw energy. Graceful piano chords add beauty to the soundscape as an assortment of sounds fills the room. Excellent production work here.

We look forward to sharing the rest of the EP and more music from Chiara Oldano soon.

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