“Corona” by Chirping — Summer-Ready Single

"Corona" by Chirping, available now

By Ign-Umar Abbasparker of Indie Band Guru

If you’re in the mood for a little warmth, then you can find some in “Corona,” the new single from Swedish indie-pop band Chirping.

While sounding similar to bands such as the Royal Concept and the Strokes, this band manages to deliver their own unique, versatile style. With smooth guitar riffs, a steady rhythm and beat, and bright vocal melodies, this song seeks to take all potential listeners on a journey.

Where to? To the lovely beaches of the Spanish countryside in order to remind us of the radiant warmth of summer. While Chirping may be from notoriously frigid Sweden, they know how to warm people’s hearts and ears.

Chirping — Newest Brilliant Scandinavian Import

Chirping formed in 2011 in Stockholm. The band first arose when musicians Carl Vikberg and Johan Melander left their former bands to venture out and explore new territory. Once they combined forces with bassist Viktor Åström and drummer Björn Rudling, the indie-pop quartet was complete.

The band currently resides in the northern suburbs of Stockholm, the hometown of all the band members. Over the past few years, they have played shows all over Sweden and amassed a strong cult following with local fans. They’re currently gearing up for the release of their upcoming EP, Dancing with the Stars, due out on March 4.

As for “Corona” itself, there’s much to enjoy within this short musical piece.

To start, there’s the abundance of smooth, flowing guitar riffs that dominate much of the song. Adding to that, Vikberg’s relaxed baritone vocals sing the lyrics with such minimal effort that they’re almost conversational. This serves as a way to pour out the inherent warmth of the lyrics.

Augmenting his laidback vocal style are the mellow vocal harmonies from Rudling and Åström. The two also give the song a nice, steady rhythm and beat that’s balanced and instantly catchy.

When mixed all together, they paint a scenic landscape of a group of friends heading to the beach and celebrating summer’s warm embrace. This makes “Corona” a good song to play if you seek to pass the time of a long wait — particularly the long wait between winter and summer.

Hear more from Chirping here.

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