Mr Candy Kane – Relationship Advice With Help From Some Friends

A true musician knows that the best way to connect with fans is to be open and expressive with their music.  When you explore real experiences and emotions fans will dive deep into the songs as they can relate to the story.  Our friend Mr Candy Kane hits the mark on the head with his latest track.

Mr Candy Kane

The rising R&B star from Dallas, Texas has hooked up with some of talents in the scene to release “My Apology”, a cypher featuring Mr. Candy Kane, Rodney Willz, Boss, Streetz, and DFW Big Reese.  Watch the video here:


The group dives into how relationships are destroyed because we blame each other for the downfall.  The silky smooth beat slinks along as each singer takes a turn leading the story with their own personal take.  Together they meld perfectly to create a song that pulls at the heartstrings while pleasing the ears.

Mr Candy Kane’s debut album Bedroom Motion is due out in April 2016.  Keep up with the latest at:

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