Chris Ross and the North Have New Album Pre-Order

Chris Ross and the North

Chris Ross and the North have brought an all-new energy to the country music scene. They’ve harnessed the potency of traditional country songwriting and meshed it with head-moving alternative rock sound. Ross spent years perfecting his craft and, in 2014, was crowned “Songwriter of The Year” at the New England Music Awards. The following year, the band was formed and they’ve been cranking out tunes ever since.

Their 2015 album Young Once is an Americana masterpiece. It stands as an illustrative demonstration of the immense power in the hands of a great songwriter. Mercilessly, Chris Ross and the North take us on a wild ride through our own emotions on each and every song. One minute we’re haplessly in love and the next we’re drowning in the solemn hardship of heartbreak.

This year, they’ve decided to give their fans a special chance to play a part in the album process. They’ve launched a campaign on Pledgemusic to allow fans to grab the album before anyone else can. This also gives us an awesome inside look at the guys behind the scenes and even some exclusive sneak peaks at some unseen projects.


Chris Ross and the North: Real Good Music

There’s just something about a good song that always seems to find a home in even the hardest of hearts. Armed with witty romanticism and a worn relatablilty, Chris Ross and the North fight like titans for their rightful spot in the hearts of all who listen.”


Take a song like “Annabelle”. It’s a fantastically woven ballad that hits the chest with a rather startling poeticism.  The song is exceptionally well-written and the instrumentation is absolutely impeccable. Listen as Ross uses a smokey, bar room voice to tell a compelling love story fit for the big screen.

For more songs like that, check out their Soundcloud!  They’re all great but I’d suggest “The Long Way” and “When the Dark Allows”.

Chris Ross and the North: Somethin’ Special

Chris Ross and the North have their minds set on something truly special. Their work flawlessly blends with both classic and contemporary styles of music, and never sounds too reminiscent of either. The rock-heavy guitar rifts point to rock greats like Steely Dan and the timeless song structure stems from country rock legend Leon Russell. But when they put it all together, the magic is all their own.

Check out their campaign page to take a look at all they have to offer. They’re worth it.

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