Genre Knows No Bounds For Lexxi Raine With Upcoming EP ‘Guilty’


Singer songwriter Lexxi Raine has a new EP coming out on June 20th and we could not be more excited! You probably remember the Buffalo based musician from her EP Fun While It Lasted. Well, she’s back and she’s switching things up! Guilty features five tracks that fit within the genre of country, which is far different from the work she’s done in the past. Throughout these songs, Lexxi Raine shows us that she can do it all, as she draws listeners in from the first line. Some artists write music because it’s catchy and some write music that tells stories that stick with us long after we’ve finished listening. Lexxi does a terrific job with both and has me craving more already!

She has an instantly recognizable voice that manages to blend fluidly with each genre she experiments with in a seemingly effortless manner. The five tracks, titled “All I’m Asking,” “Guilty,” “I Don’t Want Your Man,” “Won’t Make it til I Do” and “Guilty” each tell a riveting story, while simultaneously making one very cohesive body of work. 

Lexxi Gives Us Refreshingly Raw Lyrics

In “All I’m Asking,” Lexxi unapologetically shares about what it’s like to struggle with depression and anxiety, singing “My friend is stopping over named anxiety//Depression makes an appearance ‘cause he missed me.” She continues by stating that she just needs some time to figure it out for herself, with no desire to be saved or fixed by someone else. Her ability to explore those topics in depth with her music is truly unique and makes this EP very relatable to so many fans who experience these same struggles.

The pacing, instrumentals and vocals for these tracks are sewn together beautifully. We gain insight into multiple topics, including love, mental health and independence. Lexxi is an artist that teaches us about ourselves as well as who she is as an artist, which is a unique and powerful talent, that she shows us yet again within the lyrics and melodies of these five tracks.

Get Caught Up On Everything Lexxi Raine

With the release date coming right up, be sure to check out Lexxi’s past work. You can find her YouTube channel here, where she has music videos, live studio sessions and a series titled Nope. Still Not Famous. This series shows exactly what type of person Lexxi Raine is behind her music. She’s funny, relatable and refreshingly honest about her experience in the music industry and discusses a wide range of topics as she navigates what has and hasn’t worked for her, trying to make it bigger in the music scene. 

I listen to lots of music and it is a rare gem to find an artist putting in this level of work for herself in order to succeed. Lexxi Raine is clearly a very talented musician, but the dedication she has to herself goes far beyond the making of the music. Not only does she have a YouTube series, but she also has a blog, where she lets us get to know her even better. She also toured the UK, sharing her music with fans internationally. Be sure to check out her website, where you can get your merchandise and stay up date on tour dates so you can see her live!

You can also connect with Lexxi Raine on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I’m lucky enough to hear the music early and I’m sure you’ll love it just as much as I do. So, go ahead and set your reminders for the release of Guilty on June 20th, and in the meantime, check out her previous music on Spotify!

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