Bob Fleming and The Cambria Iron Co Share ‘Remnants’

Bob Fleming and the Cambria Iron Co bring us gritty American rock n roll from Charlotte, North Carolina. The group’s new album Remnants tackles the everyday struggles Americans have been waking up to. All the emotions, fear and anger in the face of endless uncertainty bog us down. As clouds of hopelessness and despair hang overhead, Bob offers optimism with their new release.

“I truly hope it conveys a message of hope in the face of darkness.”

– Bob Fleming

Remnants rolls out like a well thought setlist. Bob and company come out rocking! By the third track, the gas pedal hits the floor as “Floodwaters” is unleashed. A Hammond style organ procures a 70’s rock vibe. Emotionally picked lead guitar notes will surely lead to impromptu air guitar performances by its listener. Strife felt lyrics like “How are we supposed to sleep, as they shoot down yet another in their beds or in the streets” highlight todays tenor. Dawn Williams complementing vocal lines add another wrinkle to the sound. We get the big over the top climactic finish, just like a 4th of July fireworks blowout. How else would one bring such an epic song to its conclusion?

The warmth of “Peterbuilt” immediately caught my attention. “Perterbuilt” wraps us with simmering low boiling comfort like a second whiskey on the rocks. Dawn’s delivery has a sweet tenderness sugarcoating painful memories. Piano preludes elegantly share moments in the spotlight with tearful vocal melodies. Singing guitar notes push us to the outer atmosphere, past the clouds into eternal sunshine. Cohesive components and expert musicianship make “Peterbuilt” shine. This single has a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Tuesday’s Gone” meets Stevie Nicks. A standout track of the album.

Bob Fleming and The Cambria Iron Co take us back to simpler times. Bands used to plug in, hit record and play. In today’s world of gloss and overproduction, this group gives us the raw and uncut. Their new LP features a good mix of tempos keeping the listener engaged. The simple and straightforward nature of the band only adds to their mystique. What a great band. What a great album.

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