Chris Sullivan Shares His Passion For The Radio

Chris Sullivan

There is an unimaginable amount of music available out there today. A real artist must allow their ears to be open to musical inspiration at all times. We recently discovered Chris Sullivan who seems to be the epitome of this. No influences are off limits.


The unique singer-songwriter is originally from Jacksonville, Florida but spent much of his childhood in Charleston, South Carolina. This is where he was exposed to a wide array of music that fueled his drive to learn to create his own sound. Chris Sullivan also prides himself on not bowing to the trends that guide the mainstream music world. He allows his own talent and intuition to push his passion. The result is deeply personal songs that resonate with audiences.



Earlier this month Chris Sullivan released the single “By The Light Of The Radio” along with an accompanying music video directed by Stephen Nemeth. The classic American Rock sound is evident immediately. The influence of Bruce Springsteen can be heard.


The guitars drive a powerful energy to the song while the vocals of Chris Sullivan reach deep into the soul. He gives us a look into his upbringing and how the radio was a big part of it. Music has been a true passion for him.


We can all relate to the love of music Chris Sullivan has.


The music video is a beautiful piece of art that takes the song even further. As we watch we can reminisce about our own childhood and how music was always there for us too. It is extremely well produced and provides a storyline to keep the viewer fully entertained throughout.


Chris Sullivan is not resting on his laurels though. He continues to write new music. He maintains a busy concert schedule around South Carolina and we are hoping to see him expand that reach to more venues around the country soon.

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