Christian Parker Lets Us In on His ‘Best Kept Secrets’

Christian Parker

Good music will always find a way. There are often obstacles that put songs on the shelf. But the passion and the muse will find a way to get those songs back into the forefront exactly when they need to be there. Our friend Christian Parker has been writing songs for a long time but now is the time for some formerly unreleased tracks to make their way into our musical consciousness.

The upstate New York based songwriter has been creating music for over 3 and a half decades now. Christian Parker has a knack for pouring real emotion, tension, and hope into his songs. Being a prolific writer has given him the skill that comes with a giant amount of practice. Experiences from his life have been just as plentiful resulting in never lacking substance.

On July 1st, 2022, Christian Parker will release his next album Best Kept Secrets. The 11-track album is a collection of songs that were originally written in late 2001. A dark time in America and the personal life of Christian. There are themes of loss, fear, spiritual rebirth, and eventual healing. 

Feel The ‘Weight Of The World’ With Christian Parker

The album opens strongly with “Weight Of The World.” A song originally recorded on a handheld Dictaphone, inspired by his 9-year-old daughter. Christian Parker puts his heart on his sleeve with his unique vocal sound and a meandering guitar melody full of twists and turns. Some harmonizing vocals add to the soothing sound of the song.

On “Eternal Flames” we are greeted by a piano setting the tone by laying down the melody. A full soundscape is added in an ethereal way. The production of SubCat Studios of Syracuse is top notch here. Everything comes together in a beautiful way as we are reminded by the lyric, “it’s OK.”  

Piano continues on “Diamond Sailor” in an almost Jazz-Blues way as another meaningful story is told. The emotion can be felt in the words as the music drifts in different directions keeping the listener guessing where we will go next. We turn a little more country on “Life Without Regret” as a picked guitar adds a new tone. The talent and artistry here is next level. 

“Heartache is My Friend” slows it down a little as the focus on the rough experiences that Christian Parker has been through. We can all relate and feel for the singer as he shares his deepest feelings. 

Best Kept Secrets ends on a healing and seemingly positive note with the fitting “Love’s Final Amen.” The vocals here may be the best of the album as he soothes the listener with a mellow and smooth delivery. The elegant piano and guitar furthers this vibe without getting in the way of the emotion.

Keep up with the new release and past music of Christian Parker on his website and socials.

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