Christian Parker Enjoys The Road With ‘Every Passing Mile’

Christian Parker

Songwriting is a skill that takes practice and repetition to perfect. An artist must be willing to put in the work and the time. Success is within reach but it is not an easy road. Our new find Christian Parker has certainly put in the time in a career that spans 3 and a half decades.

The seasoned songwriter, guitarist, and recording artist hails from the small upstate NY town of Canton. From there Christian Parker has written a huge catalog of songs that has reached the heart of his listeners. He speaks to the trials, tribulations and victories we encounter in everyday life, and to the complexities of relationships, whether in the form of loss or appreciation. Turning this into memorable melodic songs is the gift that Christian has earned with his years of practicing the craft. 

Aside from working with some of the legends of the music industry, Christian Parker has released 6 full length studio albums. Now he is back with another amazing collection of songs. For the album Every Passing Mile, he brought in engineer Ron Keck, as well as the feature help of Phil Hurley, known for his work with Fountains Of Wayne, Lisa Loeb, Tracy Bonham, and Gigolo Aunts. Throughout a full 13 tracks Parker takes us through a full story.

As we open with “Cast A Line” a smoky atmosphere creeps in to let us ease into the world of Christian Parker. His laid back vocal style soothes the soul as the elegant drumbeat provides the rhythm. The energy gets turned up on “Tulsa County.” A strong country vibe somes in with the guitar leading the way. Some fancy pickin’ here. The sweet vocals keep it relatable and pretty throughout.

Official Video For ‘Every Passing Mile’

The standout track for me is the title song “Every Passing Mile.” The smooth feel is pushed forward with a deep soundscape added in the production. This gives it a slightly dark vibe but diving into Christian Parker’s lyrics takes you even deeper. The multiple instruments and overdubs give this one such depth and layers it demands multiple listens. A beautiful video adds to the mystique.

On “One Life One Love” this tone continues as Christian furthers the story. Again a multitude of sounds fill the speakers to allow your mind to hear a slightly different version of the song each time. This is what a quality written song will do.

Every Passing Mile is chock full of thoughtful and emotion-fueled songwriting. “Dream Catcher” is another one that jumps out later in the record. His way of pouring out lyrics that paint a picture without having to raise his voice to grab your attention is remarkable. You will find yourself leaning towards the speakers to make sure you can take it all in.

Have a listen and keep up more from Christian Parker HERE.

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