Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty Add Up The ‘Positive Numbers’

Positive Numbers

The goal of any musician should be to draw out emotion from listeners of their music. This often gets lost in the shock value of mainstream pop music today. Our friends from Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty are focused on drawing out their fans’ feelings in each track. The band recently released their sophomore album Positive Numbers which fits their goals. 

The Rochester, Minnesota based band pours their soul into their unique roots-rock sound. Clay Fulton & The Lost Forty borrows inspiration from a wide variety of artists from classic American folk singers to modern indie rock bands. They have found their place writing songs that are both approachable and memorable. Clever yet simple. 

On August 12th the new Positive Numbers record was released with some buzz. (We had previously featured the lead single “Little By Little” on our pages HERE.)  The 7 track album was recorded at Carpet Booth Studios in Minnesota. 

The attractive energy grabs the listener in “Back To Bruges” as the full 6 piece band fills your speakers. Some fancy guitar solos show off the talent of all involved. The pep is undeniable.

We get a little smoother on the title track “Positive Numbers.” The sound is a little laid back while the lyrics stand out for us to ingest easily. As expected Clay Fulton and The Lost Forty are able to switch up the emotion in a blink. While “Whiskey Brawls” starts off easy, it quickly builds to a full sounding track with each instrument adding to the full element. You will find yourself fully involved in tapping along. 

As we reach the perfectly titled closer “For The Road,” Clay Fulton lets us ease back into our daily lives. The more minimal song lets the focus be on the emotion-fueled vocals and easy going background. We may have to continue our lives but our minds have been thoroughly refreshed with hope for a better day. 

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