Climbing Trees Takes Us on an Adventure with “Lost”

Climbing Trees

It’s time to take that summer vacation you’ve always wanted, and Climbing Trees is more than willing to take you on it. The band’s new release “Lost” is a dreamy escape for listeners, encompassing imagination and nostalgia into one single.

The song begins with a fun, upbeat melody that instantly brings a smile to your face. When I first heard “Lost,” I immediately was taken to a jungle full of mysterious inhabitants and endless possibilities. Similarly, Climbing Trees is full of refreshing new sounds and abundant inspiration.

“Lost” by Climbing Trees is the epitome of pure joy


The upbeat melody continues throughout the whole song as the lead singer says, “Oh, we’re lost.” Although you’re usually anxious and scared when you’re lost, Climbing Trees embraces it and almost wants to be lost.

Perhaps the band provides a different definition of the word “lost” – one in which you can rather find yourself when you’re away from the world’s noise and chaos. Being lost is when you’re free to run with the trees and the jungle’s creatures; it’s when you can escape from the expectations placed on your shoulders.

The song has a strong and confident melody that instills courage inside those who listen to the music. Why be shy and hide inside a comfortable home when you can be bold and take on a brand new adventure? Climbing Trees encourages the latter, bringing a hopeful and optimistic perspective into the modern day.

So Climbing Trees isn’t just providing an enchanting, mystical experience. They’re giving listeners an incredible chance to follow their own joys and passions, rather than conforming to the voices of culture and society. And what better way to do that than through music – the ways through which we can find and create our own jungles.

Take a journey to the jungle at the CLIMBING TREES WEBSITE

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