Coldfront Made the Perfect Shitty Breakup Song with ‘Float Away’


Canadian pop-punk band Coldfront just released their new single “Float Around” on September 14, getting ready to release Float Around, their next album, out October 6, 2017.

The title track from the band’s full length debut on Equal Vision Records shows the new direction that Coldfront is heading in. About a bad breakup and filled with angsty vocals, it’s stereotypical pop-punk (aka exactly what makes the genre great). While there isn’t always good pop-punk, Coldfront is.

“Float Away” starts with a simple and quiet guitar riff while “So if we’re both done crying / Don’t you talk to me again” sets up the breakup story. It quickly picks up though with distorted guitar chords powering the track. Filled with simple yet powerful drum fills adding the perfect depth to the track.

Guitarist Chris Casarin explained that, “this song started as something completely different.” Originally it was a chaotic song but that’s nothing studio time can’t fix.

The chorus is probably the best part of the song. It’s loud. It’s full of angst. And it’s hard not to sing along. “We’re just two different people digging the same hole,” is such a powerful breakup lyric that just echoes through your soul. And if you’ve ever been through a particularly shitty break up, you know exactly what it means.

“Float Away” covers exactly what the worst breakup fells like. When you’re trying to hang on to something that you know will never work, it’s hard to let it go and move on. I’s exactly what pop-punk should be. So if you’re in need of a good cry, “Float Away” is your track.

Coldfront Ready for Float Away‘s Release

Coldfront has dropped three EPs and is ready for the release of Float Away, their first full-length, schedule for release October 6 on Equal Vision Records. Having played their first ever show at the 2013 Vans Warped Tour in Toronto, they’ve moved to sharing stages with Knuckle Puck, Such Gold, and Like Pacific, as well as preforming festivals like KOI Fest with Silverstein, Counterparts, and more.

Be sure you’re keeping up with Coldfront on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), as they’re getting ready to tour this fall.