CollegeKidz42 Prepare Debut ‘Share With The Class’


Getting ready to record a debut album is an exciting time for any musical project. What most fans don’t realize is the huge amount of work and planning that goes into it. We recently came across CollegeKidz42 that is at that difficult stage in their career right now.

The musical duo is made up of Christian Joseph Allbee on vocals, bass, and synths and Jon Hare on guitar and drums. Together as CollegeKidz42 they developed a lo-fi minimalist punk sound that is all theirs.

They are deep in the process right now of recording and releasing their debut record. The full length album Share With The Class is due for release August 23rd, 2017. CollegeKidz42 have put out some preview tracks from the album on YouTube.

The first track is a cover of the Reliant K classic “College Kids”. The energy of the fast paced guitars counters well against the mellow vocal style that Christian delivers. There seems to be a wide variety of influences on their original song “You, Not I”. The happy tone almost gave me a reggae vibe. The vocals are way in front of the mix allowing the listener to really dive into the lyrics and what CollegeKidz42 has to say.



Another original “Revivify” again dives into multiple genres. There is a ballad in there somewhere mixed with some shoegaze. Piano trills and guitar power chords lead the way as a simple drum beat drags you along for the relaxed yet entertaining ride.

Keep a look out for the debut record and more from CollegeKidz42 on their YOUTUBE channel.