Corey Zaccari Setting Off on A Brand New Day

Corey Zaccari

One of the simple facts of becoming a great musician is that it takes experience.  Every artist must put in his 10,000 hours to become a true expert at his craft.  In music, this is hard to do on your own.  The process gets sped up when you are willing to collaborate and learn from other musicians on the same path.  Be willing to work with people with less experience as well as people with more experience.  There will always be something to learn from everyone.  Corey Zaccari is proof that with the right work ethic and the time put in, success is achievable.

The now solo artist, hails from Providence, Rhode Island.  Corey Zaccari has been singing and collaborating with a ton of bands over the years.  The genres didn’t matter.  He worked with artists ranging from funk to hard rock to folk. He has the skill of being able to take something from each session that makes him a better overall artist.  

After all this time within bands, Corey Zaccari decided to move towards a solo career.  He wanted nothing holding him back from writing and arranging his new style exactly as he heard it in his head.  The goal was to break away from the mainstream and introduce music that no one had heard before.  

Two albums came out of this time but then a sort of burnout set in and Corey needed a change.  He made the decision to go to college and try to find himself.  The music never subsided, though.  Four years later he turned right back to it and started writing again with a vigor and positivity that was fresh to him.



Now Corey Zaccari is back with a brand new record, aptly titled Brand New Day.  The lead single “Space Cadet” is sure to turn some heads.  As it opens there is a funky vibe to set the tone.  This quickly builds into an alt-rock sound with anthemic background vocals to fill the sonic space.  The lyrics are delivered with a gravelly voice that seems as if it is pouring out emotions.  This is a song that will get your mind thinking and heart racing.

Enjoy the music video for the track as well on YOUTUBE.

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