Cozmic Relies On His ‘Lady Luck’


To be a successful artist in today’s ‘what have you done for me lately’ society, you must be producing a steady stream of music and content for your fans. It also helps to stay in front of your fans on social media and connecting with them on a more personal basis. Our friend Cozmic has figured this out and is now back with another hit in “Lady Luck.”


Cozmic is the electro-pop music project of vocalist, songwriter, and producer, Niche Tandon. The world traveler now splits his time between Venice Beach, California and Brooklyn, New York. With his experimental vein and openness to try new things, he is creating a new strain of pop music. Cozmic music reflects an intersection of a profound inner journey and an eclectic musical trajectory.


Get Ready To Dance With ‘Lady Luck’


For his newest track “Lady Luck”, Cozmic spent some time co-writing with Charlie Snyder (Bebe Rexha, X Ambassadors, Machine Gun Kelly). The result is an uptempo, urban electro-funk track that will keep his hot start going. We feel influences from the likes of Bruno Mars and The Weeknd with the lyrical funk flavor. The interesting mix plays with your ears as sounds drop in and out always keeping you on your toes. As the beat builds, your heartbeat will build with it.


As usual, the lyrics of Cozmic add another layer for the listener. We get to dive in and relate to where he is at this moment. We have all been there. Having support from his ‘Lady’ and his fans means the world to him. Together we can get through any tough times.


The crowd of Cozmic is building. Get in now before you are the last on the bandwagon.


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