Back in 2017, Cuecliche released their debut EP One Last Chance. It was a fun slice of pop-punk that had captivating energy pulsing throughout. Even though it was a little rough around the edges, it showcased a band full of potential. Its title track and “Crazy Little Princess” highlighted their talents.

Since then, Terry Rytz (bass, vocals) and Jake Leigh (guitars, vocals) have seen a change in drummers, with Jeremy Libre taking up the vacant seat. Together this power trio has gone from strength to strength creating a stronger sound influenced by their heroes which include Sum 41, Blink-182, Taking Back Sunday and New Found Glory. They have also developed a reputation for their energetic live shows, which has seen them perform across the country.

Now the guys have released their new collection of songs called Look at The Pictures. They said “This release shows how we’ve grown musically and lyrically. But, I think it still has the same Cuecliché feel as the first EP”.  It is the beginning of a new chapter for the band which they’re excited for people to hear.

The EP opens up with the track “ Save Me”. As soon as it begins, it is easy to notice that there have been improvements since their debut release. There has been a vast improvement to the quality of the sound. As a result, this gives the listener a real showing of their infectious pop-punk energy. It also shines a light on how much their songwriting talents have grown.

“Take it Away” and “Puzzle Piece” symbolises everything that makes
Cuecliche sound so good. It has this fun energy that grabs your attention. Also included are some infectious hooks which gets you singing along before you know it. “Puzzle Piece” include these qualities with lines such as “How did I let this happen again / The world just keeps spinning oh when will it end / Guess I should try starting again / The world just spinning oh when will it end”.

Next up is “It’s Over” which highlights an added depth within their writing. There seems to be more of a personal element attached to these lyrics which are about a relationship that comes to an end. It’s shown during its opening lyrics “We find a way to make it work / We find a way to block the hurt / and still keep holding on / just keep moving on”.

As soon as “Prince of Nowhere” begins with its piano intro, you instantly get the feeling this will be a stand out track. When the vocals start, they have a gentle tone compared to the songs before it. They are used to share some impressive lines such as “I’m scared I’ll never be good enough / So I hide in a world of make believe”. The depth and emotion are impressive and show that Cuecliche has a lot more to offer than their trademark upbeat pop-punk sound.  

‘Look at the Pictures’ sees Cuecliche become serious contenders in the pop-punk world

Look at The Pictures shows how far the guys of Cuecliche have grown since their debut release. Their drive to push themselves has resulted in a more mature sound and an impressive depth within their songwriting. This release will get them the attention they deserve.

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