D-Edge – Treating His Art Like A Business


All artists must realize that music is a business.  If your goals are to reach success and get paid for your art then you must treat it like the music business that it is.  It is not just a clever name.  Making connections and networking with other talents is a necessary part of every business.  Our recent find D-Edge has learned this well and set himself up for an empire.  

The producer, rapper, and songwriter has been setting the music industry ablaze since his emergence onto the scene in late 2008.  Through this time D-Edge founded the Xsquisit Company LLC, his independent production label based in Gary, Indiana.  In addition to getting his own music out there, D-Edge has been responsible for the growth and development of many independent artists on his team.  

D-Edge Takes Other With Him On The Way To Success

It all began with D-Edge hustling several mixtapes locally and creating a buzz that was expanding rapidly.  This recognition led to hooking up with the likes of DJ Roc and Freddie Gibbs to work on tracks together under Str8 Slammin’ and ESGN banners.  After departing from them in 2012, he released “The All Day” EP, which was met with rave reviews and dubbed by The Smoking Section blog as one of “the best trunck anthems of 2013”.


After some time working in the trenches, D-Edge is back with his follow-up The Trueprint which is available now via iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Spotify, etc.  The lead single off the record is “The Gawd”.  It is a strong track that features his unique flow which paints a picture for every listener.  The beat pops from many different angles with noises jumping in and out to keep you guessing while the underlying melody buries itself in your subconscious.  This one will be bouncing around in your head way after the 4 and a half minute song is over.  Anticipation for the full album is strong.  

Keep up with D-Edge here:  http://www.d-edgemuzik.com/

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