Boston, Massachusetts has always been a hot bed of talented punk, hardcore, and even pop bands but it has always been a particular style of this music that originated there.  We were introduced to a band today from there that doesn’t seem to fit the east coast mold.  It is often a good thing to see musicians not just limit themselves to trying to fit into the mold set by their predecessors, but instead creating their own style using a variety of different inspirations.   Here is your introduction to Daley/Phillips.

Don Daley and Dennis Phillips are a songwriting duo from Boston calling themselves Daley/Phillips.  In my opinion,  a new name is in order ASAP.  They look and sound like they have been in the music game for a while and it is good to see the two guys finally find a musical partner in eachother that seems to match perfectly.  There are many different styles and genres brought into this collaboration.  A big hint of California pop punk shows through as I can hear the influences of Blink-182 and Green Day right away on songs like ‘Explosive’ and ‘It’s Alright’  They can play their instruments too.  This man can play guitar as he shows in ‘It’s Alright’.  They even spread their political agendas with music and lyrics in ‘Kick Out The Republicans’.  Very California Punk.  They don’t limit themselves though.  The songs ‘Sick Love’ and ‘I Need Your Love’ delve into dance music with synth sounds and drum machines. I was slightly reminded of the musical duo She Wants Revenge here.

Overall, I think Daley/Phillips is a band to keep your eyes on.  The musical talent is there.  The lyrics may be a weak point right now but writers always get better at that as time goes on and they keep writing.  I don’t see these guys stopping anytime soon so the results could be a new musical wave.  Get ready to ride it.

Check out their very professional music video for ‘Sick Love’ here:

And find more of Daley/Phillips music at:

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