If rock and roll can ruin my life as Canadian rockers Vulture Cult’s new album title suggests I want it to be while I’m listening to Vulture Kult.  They have what rock and roll stands for.  Being children of the cold Canadian prairie wind and snow from where they hail, they decided to force themselves to take a different road then the pointless cliques in modern music scene and see where they would end up.  It is sleazy and raging and it rocks!


As soon as I heard their song ‘Electric Medication,’ I noticed that rock and roll “I don’t care” attitude. Their songs are full of power and Han’s voice has hints of Ozzy Osborne.  His hard rock guitar riffs definitely attract you to the songs as Bradley’s drums take the right breaks to make it something beyond enjoyable.  Vulture Kult songs are definitely pick me up songs however it was great to see a bit of a softer tone in the completely different ‘Movie of Me.’ This song has roots in waltz but the haunting lyrics change the feeling of it to something much darker.  His soft voice calmly tells you a story and then smoothly goes into the last instrumental track ‘Checking Out’ which could be on a Chris Isaak album.

Most of their songs are short but they really get through to you quickly with the way their lyrics are full of energy and rage. What impresses me the most is that the amazing energy is coming from only two guys who fill out the songs completely.

If you want to listen to what rock music really stands for, you have to check out Vulture Kult.  Their new album Don’t let Rock and Roll Ruin Your Life is about to drop with 9 short but great songs.  If there is one song you need to hear to convince you these guys are amazing, listen to ‘Vultures From Above’ it definitely sums up exactly what they stand for.

Go listen for yourself now at:


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  1. Pauline Kusbick

    I love this band soo much!!! Where have these guys been all my life!!

  2. mark Lebarr

    This is awesome! This is the coolest record Ive heard in years!