Damon Mitchell Returns With His New Single ‘Blurry’

Damon Mitchell

In the space of a few years, Damon Mitchell has been busy showcasing his musical talents. 2019 saw the release of his debut EP Elise, from which he shared the singles “Elise” and “License Plate”. These singles deliver an alt-rock sound with pop, Americana and bluesy elements woven within. Not only that, but he has some impressive guitar skills that continue to steal attention. A year later, he continued to impress with his live EP Tell Us Something We Don’t Know and the singles “The Oswego Tapes”, “Ready for Change”, and “In Boston.”

Now Mitchell is gearing for the release of this album Like You’re In A Dream. From it, he has already shared its title track, which is an infectious piece of pop-americana. Like the few tracks before it, it featured a killer hook. It’s difficult not to sing along with the line “It’s like you are in a dream”. 

Now to the present, attention turns to his new single “Blurry.” It opens up with his guitar creating a laid back vibe. With a sound that feels from a different time as it merges Americana with some pop-rock elements. It all comes together to create a summery type of mood. With the soundtrack ready, he begins his story with “Time got me hung on the line / in between words and lines I can find / When the sunshines / at times, I’m alright, I’m alright.” There is no urgency to his delivery, letting his words float along effortlessly. 

As it progresses, it rarely breaks its stride. The band continues in the groove to enhance the relaxing tone of the song. At times they occasionally take things up a notch when the chorus arrives. When it does, it lets Mitchell deliver the infectious sing-along hook. He does with the lines “It’s getting sweeter /  the longer I wait /  she’s getting louder / from father away / I can let these / these memories fade / She’s getting Blurry / with each and every day / She’s getting Blurry / with each and every day.”

Things get a little ‘Blurry’ for Damon Mitchell as he thinks about a past love

As the song approaches its end, Mitchell lets his guitar skills shine with an impressive instrumental. His fingers dance around the fret to inject a bit of energy into the track, just enough to stop “Blurry” from sounding too similar, showing depth to his arrangement talents. He closes the release with a repeat of the chorus, a farewell to the past love. As it ends, it leaves the listener wanting more, building the expectations for his upcoming album Like You’re In A Dream.

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