Dangerous Summer Release New Song and Music Video For “Bring Me Back to Life”

the dangerous summer

After recently ending a hiatus, American rock band, The Dangerous Summer, is coming back to life with “Bring Me Back to Life.”

After ending a five-year hiatus last year, the band released their self-titled album and has been touring nonstop since. They rekindled their love and resolve for playing shows, being on the road, and writing music. Energized from this, the band went into the studio with Sam Pura and began recording new music.

Speaking to the new single, the band said, “Bring Me Back to Life was the first song we wrote at Panda Studios in California. We were on fire with energy, working late into the hours of the night. It became the first song we recorded with Sam because it set the vibe of the album. After we recorded it, we could see the whole album in front of us. This song about coming home to the one you love, admitting you need help, and longing for peace in the heart and soul.”

The single is part of their upcoming album, Mother Nature, which is set to release on June 14th through Hopeless Records.

Speaking to Mother Nature, The Dangerous Summer frontman AJ Perdomo said, “The album title ‘Mother Nature’ is meant to provoke the feeling of a powerful force, and living within and alongside that force. The mother, who brought us here, she will swallow us whole in the same breath. Also holding tight to the feeling of the mother, and that nature is female, and a mother to all of us. Growing up with my daughter, I feel the connection to the earth and the female spirit that the world embodies.”

The album can be pre-ordered here and tour dates/tickets can be found here.

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