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Sean Mazur

Once again we discover an artist that used music as a medicine for healing. Sean Mazur creates his songs from his life and putting it all out there has truly helped him and his listeners. We caught up with Sean to get a little deeper into his burgeoning career. Enjoy the interview here:

What first drew you into music?

Spending years of my early childhood in foster care, music became the healing and nurturing tool for me. Around 12 years of age I began putting to of my greatest passions together; music and writing. Music could cheer me up when nothing else did.

How would you describe the sound of Sean Mazur?

I would definitely describe my sound as heavily R&B and Soul influenced with a twist. I’m telling a story so at the same time some of my music has a rap/talk feel to it.

Which artists have had the biggest influence on you?

John Legend, Calum Scott, and Sam Smith hands down. I love John Legends ability to fuse genres of music effortlessly. Calum Scott and Sam Smith both tell incredibly moving stories through their music which I hope to do.

You seem involved in much more than music, tell us about the rest of your artistic passions.

I love the arts and have plans to dabble in as much as possible. I have ambitions towards acting, modeling, screen writing, possibly even producing one day.

Tell us about your songwriting process. How does a song come together?

I write based off what I’m feeling, and I draw from past experience. I will sit down for 20 minutes to a week developing a song until I’m satisfied with the end product. Sometimes I will change a song right before going into a recording session. I have mashed several starting’s of different songs together into one amazing song. There’s only been one song so far that I’ve written after hearing and loving a beat so much I had to write a song for it.

What do you hope that your listeners take away from your music?

My music is definitely for my listeners. I want them to feel safe and ok with their feelings. I want them to realize that they’re not alone and that many people are going and have gone through whatever circumstance they’re in. Most importantly I want them to know someone cares.

What advice would you give to other rising artists in the current music industry?

It’s a hard career field, but no one ever got any where my sitting and doing nothing. Invest in yourself and your future because no one else will until you do. Above all else don’t lose yourself trying to reach to the top.

Where do you see the career of Sean Mazur going in the next year?

I’m very excited to see what the future brings me. I have a couple cards up my sleeve lined in the next couple months including my first collaboration. I’m looking to make some connections that are just not going to benefit my music career but also help with my other artistic goals.

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