Danny Toeman is having a funking good time with ‘Shake the Blues (Outta Your Shoes)’

Danny Toeman

Danny Toeman is an artist who bleeds soul and funk. His musical talents and influences are clear to hear throughout his releases, especially with the funky goodness of “If What You Say is What You Mean”. But, he slows things down to create some wonderful tender moments, as “She’s Got Something About Her” can testify. As much as his records sound amazing, his live shows are where the true magic happens. He delivers both energetic and soulful performances with the help of his backing band ‘The Love Explosion’. He ticks all the right boxes to ensure a fun time at his shows.

Now Toeman returns with his new single, “Shake the Blues (Outta Your Shoes)”. A song he says was “Written in response to ‘Blue Monday’ (considered the most depressing day of the year in January), this fast-paced slice of funk extols the virtues of letting loose and dancing like no one’s watching OR everyone’s watching, but you just don’t care!”. It was recorded alongside The Love Explosion band on analogue tape to create a more authentic feel to the track. 

From the opening 20 seconds of “Shake the Blues (Outta Your Shoes)”, the listener knows they are in for some funky goodness. The way the horns, bass, and beats set up the mood is a delight on the ears. With the tone set, Toeman comes in with the opening lines, “Ain’t bout the party, only the feelin’ / Ain’t bout the good times, only the healin’ / Got ice running down my spine, flames under my feet / Needles in my bones under my seat”.

As the song continues, its super funk groove has elements of James Brown to it. Personally, it feels more like a homage to the musical legend, especially as he hits you with the infectious hook. Toemans vocals offer power in a playful manner. It ensures a good time in your ears. It makes you wanna sing along to, “You gotta, shake the blues, outta your shoes / When there is nothing left to say / You gotta dunk the funk, outta our trunk / and dance, dance, dance, dance, dance your life away”.

Danny Toeman delivers another funkalicious track with ‘Shake the Blues (Outta Your Shoes)’

Brown’s influence is evident during the final part of the song. It’s in the way Toeman delivers and then repeats the words “feet don’t fail me now” and “don’t fail me now”. Like the chorus, its contagious funky quality gets under your skin and makes you want to move. Wrapped around his sublime vocal presence, the band dance around his voice to enhance the feel-good factor. The horns are in fine form throughout and make the soundtrack stand out so much. ‘The Love Explosion’ close the track with a sexy moment with their guitar stealing the spotlight. It is an excellent way to wrap up this stunning release by Danny Toeman.

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