Multifaceted Singer/ Songwriter Darja Shares “Thinking Of You” Music Video

Pop singer/songwriter Darja released her music video for her single “Thinking Of You.” It’s an unbelievable mix of pop and electronic production to tell a story about wanting to be with someone and wondering if [the relationship] is worth it. Darja describes the song as “a combination of love, longing, and frustration, with no one to guide the way except for your own self.”

Originally from Riga, Latvia, Darja has no stranger to up and moving for her dreams. She’s well-spoken in 4 different languages and has lived in 5 other countries. Darja is described as a singer / songwriter who “pours her soul into sounds of haunted nostalgia one moment, and the sound of wild carefree ecstasy, the next.”

Photo Credit: Matt Monath

Now living in New York City, Darja explains her thought process behind the setting of the music video.  “NYC is that big city where people come to chase their dreams – often relationships or career – but this city will either make you or break you. There are always so many options and opportunities throwing themselves at you that it becomes quite a task to weed through all the fakers and heartbreakers.”

“Thinking Of You” is the mix of two different worlds. There’s contrast in almost every part of the video. Darja shows a fun and flirty side to her personality, but there’s reservation and loneliness captured in there as well. “The video features a mix of classic city street scenes and scenic NYC locations…” She explains. “including the streets of Manhattan, sections of the High Line, and Brooklyn Bridge, encompassing the hustle and bustle of the city, yet also moments of its solitude and beauty.” Her vision came through clearly and translated very well in her lyrics. Her vocals are light in airy in tone and float very nicely. I think this worked for that softer contrast, but I wish she would explore other parts of her range to really tap into what else her voice can do. 

Darja shares that she has more material coming up even with COVID-19 hitting the breaks on everything.  “I had all these big plans before the pandemic hit. The world definitely feels very upside down right now and it’s a bit difficult to navigate the current environment as a performing artist, but I am not despairing… My creativity has no boundaries and it’s amazing what you can do with even the basic equipment and some good editing…” Be sure to check out her music video and follow her on all her social media platforms!

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