Darro “Runs On Guilt”

Guilt, shame, embarrassment: is there any greater fodder for getting into uncomfortable obligations than these emotions? In his new single and grizzly music video “Runs on Guilt,” rock singer/songwriter Darro makes a case that there aren’t, and to me, his is quite the convincing argument. Between the visible cringe of our protagonist in the video for “Runs on Guilt” and the vibrant attack with which he brings us this stern sonic warning, there’s no escaping what he’s got to say in this performance, and if you’re as into smart pop/punk as I am, it’s a track you don’t want to miss out on. 

Darro’s main vocal harmony in this song adds a sensuousness to the master mix that wouldn’t have been present with a different singer in the studio, and I think it can be said that his voice is such a signature part of “Runs on Guilt” that his tone contributes as much to the narrative as any of the lyrics do. He isn’t relying on the substance of his words to tell the story he wants to exclusively; instead, I think his very presence in this piece accounts for a good chunk of the moodiness in the music. 

Watch the video for “Runs On Guilt” below

By refusing to overstate his vocal, especially in the climactic chorus, Darro ensures that we’re never overwhelmed by the melodicism of this latest release, which is a frequent issue a lot of his peers run into when crafting their own equally ambitious material. He wants us to appreciate the swarthiness of the verses, particularly in the refrain, and his harmony wouldn’t have the kind of effect it does in this setting if he had belted any of these words out harder than he chose to in this specific scenario. Discipline counts for something, and he didn’t need to be told as much ahead of “Runs on Guilt.” 

If you’re looking for masterful pop/punk developed for a new generation of rebels, Darro just might have exactly what you’ve been jonesing for all summer long in his new single and music video “Runs on Guilt” this September. He’s got the fight of a real champion in his delivery here, but beyond the cosmetic features of this song, there’s something really authentic about the heart he extends through his singing here that I want more of, no matter how many times I’ve listened to this track all the way through. I think you’ll understand what I mean when you sample “Runs of Guilt” before the year expires. 

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