A-Mar Take Us ‘Around El Mondo’


There is much inspiration in the world. As a music artist, it is your job to go out there and seek that inspiration and turn it into song. The people that can not experience the world need this. Our recent discovery A-Mar has done some of this exploring for all of us. His newest album Around El Mondo is the result. 

The singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist blends sounds from Jazz and Blues as well as the more modern bedroom pop sound. A-Mar takes influence from the music of G Love, Amy Winehouse, and Tom Misch as well as borrowing the guitar stylings of Eric Clapton and BB King. This has certainly cemented his own unique sound.

The past few years for A-Mar were spent traveling the world with his mini acoustic guitar writing songs. This wide range of inspiration and experiences were brought back home to his in-house studio and turned into Around El Mondo.

See The ‘Colors’ with A-Mar

The 9 track record was recorded solely by A-Mar. As we open with “Colors” we get the feel of the laid back journey we are about to be taken on. All the colors of the relaxing musical rainbow will show. The shredding guitar that starts off “Downtown Tokyo” brings the rock to the party. The skills and improvisation of A-Mar with the instrument are very evident.

For “Picture Frames” some beach vibes come in bringing flashes of Jack Johnson. The vocals here are delivered with a warm and cozy tone. It’s like A-Mar is chatting to a friend, and you the listener are that friend. Some horns in the track show how we can go anywhere on this record. The soulful “Hey Mama” pushes this even further. We even get quality rap verses on “Third Wheel.”

The trip Around El Mondo comes to a close with “Señorita.” A smooth romantic jaunt that shows the worldliness of A-Mar including a Spanish verse. Some bedroom flair washes over the speakers tucking us into a cozy little space.

The record is a smooth and beautiful effort from A-Mar. Keep up with more of his story on INSTAGRAM.

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