It is a beautiful thing in the current state of music that a man with an idea and use of a computer can create full songs that are ready for the masses to hear.  The electronic music scene is definitely the biggest beneficiary of the computer program generation.  A recent find of ours goes by the name Dataphiles.


The London based independent music producer, DJ, and Reaktor wrangler aims to make energetic and uplifting music.  His style is experimental but focuses on the electro and gLitch genres mainly.  The beauty of being independent is that Dataphiles can go in any direction he chooses and basically make music that appeals to him.  Fortunately there are many others that can really vibe in his original style.

Next month, on February 23rd, Dataphiles has planned to release the Steampunk Cybercrunk EP.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advanced listen.  The 4 song record is a full experience to what he has to offer.  The opener “Beep Beep Baby” hits you right away with an interesting attack of noise that fills the sonic space.  It is glitchy and energetic with some deep bass fills to power the dance floor.  On “Remember Me” Dataphiles lets a haunting piano melody take the lead as other sounds are added sparingly to build a whole atmosphere of spookiness.  A fun song to listen to all the way through.  The closer “Waltzing With The Devil” takes another direction as the Waltz in the title holds true with the 3/4 time signature.  Classical instruments are infused to create a throwback to an earlier time but with the computer mashing it all together to be almost futuristic.  Keep an eye out for Dataphiles music at the club and at:


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