Dance music has taken many twists and turns over the years.  As the clothes changed the  sound of the music has changed.  Some artists can bring this evolution together into one solid piece of music like our friend Jimi Newton.

He started as a guitarist but adds much of dance music’s past to his current songwriting through  his influences of funk and 70’s disco.  Last year we introduced The Jimi Newton Project to you with his debut full-length album The Jimi Newton Project 1.0.  The album covered a fun ride with an intense feeling of getting up and moving your ass.

Now Jimi Newton is back with new music and a video to match.  The record is scheduled for release February 19th.  We are able to share the first single “Time To Turn It Around” with you today. Enjoy the video here:

It is another funky little ass shaking number that bleeds disco through and through.  He was able to draw in the vocal talents of Marri Nallos for this one.  The sultry vocals push the song along and demands multiple listens to take it all in.


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