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Dave Goddess Group

There is a reason they call classic rock “classic”!  The straight up rock sound has persevered through all sorts of new distractions from music in all kinds of different genres and sub-genres.  The pounding organic beat of drums mixed with driving guitars, groove influenced basslines and relatable vocals will last as long as people have ears and feelings to share.  Our latest find, the Dave Goddess Group is keeping pure music alive with their own brand of rock n’ roll.

The New York City based band has spent a lot of time putting in the blood, sweat, and tears to build a devoted following that yearns for their true to it’s roots rock style.  The group is made up of Dave Goddess-lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars,keyboards, percussion.  Mark Buschi on bass guitar and background vocals.  Tom Brobst on keyboards, saxophone, and flute.  Chris Cummings on drums, and Gary Gipson on rhythm guitar and background vocals.  The Dave Goddess Group is known for their soulful, sweat-soaked live shows and the truthfulness not to bow to any fad or fashion and just kick some rock n’ roll ass.  Whether it be an all out screamer or a tasteful truth-telling ballad, the band lays it all on the line for the fans.  

Dave Goddess Group Still Churning Out Hits

The latest offering from the Dave Goddess Group is the Beautiful World EP.  The 5 track record blends that classic rock sound with some new wave and modern elements to keep the band vibrant and moving forward.  The title track “Beautiful World” is the most straight-ahead rock track of the set.  The vocals draw the listener in and hook ‘em hard with the super catchy chorus.  The interesting mix on “House Of Mirrors” combines a little psychedelia influence of bands like the Doors (read: cool keyboards) with the New Wave touch of groups like Talking Heads, especially in the vocal style of Dave Goddess.  

The record closes with the fitting “Don’t Say The Party’s Over”.  There is an emotional earnestness to the song that reaches deep into the listener’s soul to leave a lasting mark.  The bouncy melody will stay with you long after the 4 minute track is over.  

If you still long for a rocking good time keep an ear out for The Dave Goddess Group HERE.

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