DawgGoneDavis Is Ready To Light Your ‘Butt on Fiya’


Partly satirical and completely fun, Rebecca Davis (aka DawgGoneDavis) may not be a name that the hip-hop community is familiar with at the moment, but after listening to her exceptionally witty new single “Butt on Fiya” you’d be hard pressed to find someone resistant to her infectious sense of humor. Much in the spirit of artists like the Dead Milkmen, Weird Al Yankovic, and Spike Jones, Davis uses music, in this case, hip-hop, to make us laugh and inspire a much needed sense of humility in these stressful times we live in today. I was pleased to sample “Butt on Fiya,” and can say unquestionably that Davis has plenty of skill with a mic in her hand.


DawgGoneDavis (or simply DGD for short) opens the single with a riveting explosion of drums that is immediately followed up by an 80’s style beat and synthesizer beneath DGD’s Midwestern plaintive style of rapping. In the song, DGD proclaims that while she may be sans big breasts, that doesn’t matter, because she’s rocking enough action downstairs to keep the party going. A real-life survivor of breast cancer, DGD’s overwhelming confidence and smooth delivery of her lyrics is not only fun to listen to, it’s very motivating. With so many of us having loved ones and friends who have been touched by cancer, it’s a little surprising that we don’t have more songs that are as open about the subject like this. Despite the personal nature of the lyrics, DGD never seems to sink into a somber state on this track, instead she not only stands proud, but she makes us laugh, too.



A lot of artists don’t put a lot of effort into the B-sides of singles, if they have one at all, but “Middle Age Woman – Hip Hop Style,” the second track here, is hardly a throwaway. As its title implies, “Middle Age Woman” plays like DawgGoneDavis’ theme song, here self-titled anthem to introduce new audiences to her identity, and she pretty much hits it out of the park. Although both of these songs are meant in fun, they’re surprisingly catchy. And while I don’t necessarily think that Davis intends to take over the hip-hop game with her DawgGoneDavis recordings or start challenging Kendrick Lamar for consumers, her drive behind this project is deeply profound; all of the proceeds from her work go directly to charity, explicitly Operation Breakthrough, which is a very special organization assisting the needs of children facing tremendous challenges. When was the last time you heard of anyone else in pop music doing something as truly selfless as that? Davis deserves to be commended for this gesture, which personally I would love to see replicated by other artists in a variety of mediums.


For lovers of humble comedy and good music, check out DawgGoneDavis and her ongoing quest for laughter, pride, and self-confidence. In a track like “Butt on Fiya,” you definitely will be far from disappointed.


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You can also find out more information about Operation Breakthrough at operationbreakthrough.org


     -review by Thomas Patton, III

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