Manuel Bair Searches For ‘Mercy’ Ahead Of Debut Album

Manuel Bair

It’s no doubt that everyone loves listening to a good singer-songwriter here and there. From the huge successes, like pop artists like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes have had, to the rise of independent artists like Joseph Knight who has truly found his sound, the effect one voice and a few instruments can have is incredible. Manuel Bair is doing just that and is ready to take his spot in the spotlight.


Manuel Bair is looking for ‘Mercy’ with his latest single


Combing the feelings of pop, singer-songwriter, and even rock, Bair finds the heartwrenching combination in his sound that Jason Mraz and John Mayer have pioneered. However, he’s taken it in a new direction with incredible builds and the dedication to emotion that’s pushing him to the top.

Opening with a build of the instrumental melody that pushes the track forward, the ringing acoustic tone fits perfectly with the syncopated rhythm of the lyrics. This acoustic melody echoes through the duration of the track, providing a feeling of familiarity while Bair is searching for “Mercy.”


The steady climb to the end of the track slowly electrifies and amplifies in dynamics while maintaining that same melody from the beginning. Bair does an amazing job building the emotion through the track and bringing you on that journey with him. The vulnerability he places in the lyrics combined with the instrumental builds creates a sense of urgency for his longing love.


Each lyrical section ends with harmonies that perfectly wrap up that thought while driving the entire track further. As a period ends each sentence, Bair ends his verses and choruses with that harmony in a way the punctuates not only his lyrical thoughts but his musical emotions.


Manuel Bair debuts “Mercy” ahead of his upcoming album Living Proof. A hopeful collection of acoustic-driven pop ballads, Bair is set to breakout when this debut album is released later this year. Keep a close eye on this inevitable star.

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