‘Green’ Sets the tone for Touche Amore’s New Era

touche amore

It goes without saying that Touché Amoré is a heavy hitter in modern post-hardcore. This February, they celebrated playing their 1000th show, which is huge. Their unique sound and impeccable songwriting is hard to not want to see live. So allow me to bring your attention to their new single, “Green.” Because it is a song I definitely can’t resist wanting to see live.


Touché Amoré: A different kind of compelling


The draw to “Green” for me lies within the instrumentals. Known constantly for refining and innovating their sound, Touché Amoré isn’t a stranger to rolling out new techniques. The underlying sound for “Green” is contemporary. Chilled, clean, and optimal in its slow rock quality. Erroneously opposite from traditional hardcore values, but enticing. The clear, calm instrumentals set the tone to back the lyrics.


Lyricism is huge with a band largely recognized for its maturity with words. “Green” is no exception, being ripe with metaphorical content. A story of desire to be an element in nature is told. This is because the grass seems…greener. Life as nature invites uncertainty, while life as a human is predictable…saddening. There seems to be an internal struggle with wanting to being free and waiting for a reason to stay put. The lusted after life doesn’t seem so impossible, though. So maybe.

An equally fitting music video, in multiple ways


The video is raw footage of nature in its raw form. There’s also a couple of inquisitive children, wandering the grass. Fawns and bears, each element tuning to the lyrics, observe a world constantly unfolding around them. This is all tinged in a vibrant shade of jade. A bit of uneasiness lingers in tension between the lyrics and music. A necessity to feeling the uncertainty that exudes from melody as a whole.


Wanting to be a color isn’t a new concept. Beauty and vibrancy lies behind color that’s often inexplicable. This ode to wanting to be a color that identifies so closely with other elements of living is an interpretation that’s open, yet straightforward. “Green” is unapologetically emotional, something I applaud. Hardcore doesn’t always have to be, in every sense, hardcore. Happy 10th anniversary, TA.

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