Friendship Commanders Speak for Social Justice in Latest Video

Friendship Commanders

When you think of heavy rock and its characteristically intense sound and style, it’s safe to assume that most listeners would associate the genre with anarchy instead of activism. However, with the world progressively globalizing and more and more citizens taking on an active role in their political community, music is becoming an increasingly powerful platform on the search for social justice. Hailing from Nashville, TN and experienced in creating music for a cause, the melodic heavy rock duo Friendship Commanders is speaking out yet again with the recent release of the music video for their song “What You Ravage”. Formed by Buick Audra (vocals, guitar) and Jerry Roe (drums, bass, harmonizing vocals), the duo is “committed to making work that promotes conversation around tolerance, equality, communication, and human rights.”

Prior to the debut of their first full-length album Dave in 2016, Friendship Commanders released several EPs in addition to a series of Halloween singles for the benefit of addiction research, resources, and recovery.  With their second album Bill now under their belt as of 2018, Friendship Commanders is continuing to take action and speak out against injustice into 2019 with the video for “What You Ravage” and a number of live performances that are also underway.

You Reap What You Sow: Using Rock as a Reminder

The song kicks off with a hard-hitting drum and guitar intro that pulls listeners into Audra’s powerful vocals in a style similar to that of fellow female rock star, Hayley Williams of Paramore. Their hardcore sound paired with a strong lyrical message seems to embrace equality with an emo twist, allowing the duo to remain true to rock without compromising the importance of universal human rights. As the video for “What You Ravage” opens, viewers are presented with a woman wearing an equal rights shirt beginning to saw holes in a blank wall. Directly underneath the construction, Friendship Commanders begins to play in an empty basement as rubble from the wall falls around them.

Alternating between scenes of the live action performance and the gradual transformation occurring above the band, the wall begins to take on a new life. Filling the holes in with various trinkets of beauty such as jewelry, flowers, and photographs, the woman then patches the wall back up and proceeds to paint it a vibrant blue. The end result leaves viewers with the statement that a brighter and better world is only attainable if we as a society are willing to carve out the darkness of hatred and replace it with a unanimous love and respect for all.

Embarking on a mission for unity across the United States, Friendship Commanders is currently crossing the country on a 14 show tour which will come to a close at the end of June. They will be taking a stand on stage at a variety of venues such as concert halls, bars, cafes, as well as the 3 night music festival, LOUD!Fest, in Bryan, TX. In addition to campaigning for change with each live performance, the band is also donating a portion of the proceeds from Bill to reputable organizations working towards women’s rights and abuse survival.

Throughout the rest of the summer leading up to a climactic presidential campaign, expect Friendship Commanders to continue speaking out against political and social injustice. With messages like these conveyed in their addictively intense musical style, it certainly looks like Friendship Commanders are on track to change the world with each persuasively punk release.

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