Walter “Wolfman” Washington Releases ‘My Future Is My Past’

walter Wolfman Washington

My Future Is My Past is the new creation of Walter “Wolfman” Washington. An incredibly accomplished artist, Washington accesses the duality of the human spirit. The album features a strong sense of personality and intimacy that cuts down to the core, due to his soulful, confident vocals. The songs are stripped down and meant to be personal, to sound like you are hearing the music from next door.


The way the album was recorded contributes to this feeling. There is something about a guitar with a lot of reverb that gives the impression of a live recording. “Wolfman” could be right next to you playing these songs. This is evident on the track “Save Your Love For Me.” The song is so heartfelt and could make the toughest of the tough shed a tear. It is purely vocals and guitar. The rest of the instruments are not needed, it’s a powerful love song.


Washington’s voice is incredibly moving. Every song is articulated so well just through the melody alone, not to mention through the strength of his lyrical ability. “I Cried My Last Tear” is one of the more full compositions instrumentally and the most soulful. It is a song that clearly evokes the traditional New Orleans style of jazz. He sings in this sort of dual voice that is surely influenced by some of the great African American jazz legends. It is loud and raspy at times while remaining clear and melodic at others.


The “Wolfman” Washington Shows A Softer Side On The Album

As a whole, The Future Is My Past shows the softer side of an artist who is immensely passionate. Walter “Wolfman” Washington pays tribute to his roots as a musician with pared down recordings that say exactly what he’s feeling. It is very expressive. “Lost Mind” gives the best idea of what Washington is all about. The album is beautifully personal and is definitely worth listening to.

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