DB Kinney Is Not Just ‘Killing Time’

DB Kinney

Finding your own sound takes some true dedication and lots of patience. We must be willing to experiment in many genres to see what feels right. Your own taste and style will change over the years as well. Be willing to let the muse flow and take you where you need to be. Our recent discovery DB Kinney has been all over the map but seems quite right in his current sound.

The Connecticut based band is the current project of singer/guitarist DB. He has been developing his sound for quite a while now. Playng all over the Notheast DB has thrashed puck/hardcore clubs with the Nice Young Men, sung rock originals with Bungalow Decoys, took the blues to Mars with the XY ELI Band and ripped straight-head rock with the Globe Hollow trio.

Now he has brought in the talents of drummer Brandon Novak and bassist Hish to form DB Kinney. They share a heartfelt rock vibe that has been capturing audiences attention. The experience shows both in the mix of genres and the expertise of well-trained musicians.

Most recently DB Kinney has released their new EP Blind Side Mirror with the catchy lead single “Killing Time”. The melodic guitar leads the way, laying down a cozy fabric to build the rest of the song. The emotive vocals draw the listener into the story with a warm embrace. The tight rhythm pocket keeps the listener on pace and engaged. It is one of those songs that you find yourself taking a nice deep breath after to bring yourself back to reality.

There is plenty more where that came from too. Keep up with DB Kinney on their WEBSITE or follow them on INSTAGRAM.

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