DEARBONES Wakes Us Up With ‘The Sleep’ (Interview)


The Massachusetts music scene has long been well known for turning out well-polished bands, especially in the alternative emo genre. Whether it is the angst in the lyrics os the powerful energy of the instrumentation, there must be something in the water there (and being a NY Yankee fan it is always hard for me to give Boston, Mass any credit, lol). Our recent discovery of DEARBONES only solidified my love for the music there though.

The band consists of Frankie Chuilli, Jason Pascucci, Andrew Quinn, and Jacob Blondin. After coming together in 2017, DEARBONES caught almost immediate attention from the local scene. The mix of varied musical influences has given the band a sound that brings together music lovers from all over the alt-rock map. Add in their entertaining stage presence and raw energy and we have a band we need to keep an eye on in the national stage.

Late last year, DEARBONES released The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters to put all their inspiration together and share it with the world. The 5 track EP takes the listener on a quick but introspective journey.

The lead single “The Sleep” starts off with a dark and ominous tone that lets the band creep into the listeners head. The melodic and anthemic sound of the production pulls even more as emotional lyrics get immediate attention. DEARBONES put all their raw energy into this one as we enjoy all the twists and turns.

Indie Band Guru had the chance to chat with the band to get a little deeper into their plans for reaching more people with their music. 

First off, how did the name DEARBONES come about?

The answer is in “The Sleep”

How would you describe your sound?

Post-hardcore, alternative emo grunge rock

What bands have had the biggest influence on DEARBONES?

Everyone in the band was inspired by different artists but collectively probably Norma Jean, Brand New, MewithoutYou, Circa Survive, and Metallica

Your music seems to take listeners on a journey. What do you hope they take away from your music?

Our music is carefully made. We won’t pump out a bunch of corny music that sounds the same to each other. Every song needs to be distinct and powerful in its own way. We write through the struggles of life, death, love, depression, anxiety, and religion; and we hope to carry the listener through these trying times with a reminder they aren’t alone.

What does the future look like for DEARBONES?

The future in the music industry is tough, especially these days where we don’t have Fuse music videos, Myspace, or Warped Tour booths to give CDs out at. BUT we have a few tours coming up, we’re working on an EPIC full-length album, and we hope to catch the eye of a label in the near future. Until then we are just going to keep pumping out music because in the end, its about the passion and performing for not only our fans, but for ourselves!

Keep up with more from DEARBONES on their INSTAGRAM.

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