Delphi Ravens Prove “How Wrong You Were”

Unfortunately stories about bad breakups are all too relatable for most. Fusion rock band Delphi Ravens has tapped into that relatable storyline with their latest single titled “How Wrong You Were.” Built to be a bit of a musical ‘eff-you’ to a past lover, this track is a powerful rock number sure to grab your attention.

Delphi Ravens formed in late 2020 with the intention of creating music that blurs the lines in traditional rock. Through fusing alt-rock with other musical elements they’ve been able to manufacture a powerful, in-your-face, rock sound. The band says, “We make your blood boil and your gut ache, and you want more! We aren’t vanilla or chocolate, but a blend of flavors.” 

“How Wrong You Were” showcases the quintessential Delphi Ravens sound. Vocalist, Kira delivers a riveting and commanding performance that captures your attention from the start.

This single is bound to leave you feeling something, especially if you can connect to bad breakups and broken promises. You can feel the emotion behind the song through Kira’s vocals and the heavy hitting drumline. And while the track doesn’t necessarily hit the climactic point I’d typically like in a rock track, it is able to maintain my attention.

Considering Delphi Ravens have essentially just begun their journey together in music, “How Wrong You Were” proves they have the moxy to make an impact. With more singles up their sleeve yet to be announced, you’ll want to make sure you’re tuned into their journey.

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