Olivia Morreale’s “Parasomnia” Will Keep You Up At Night

“PARASOMNIA” is the atmospheric new track from indie-pop artist Olivia Morreale. With dream-like synths and expertly layered vocals, “PARASOMNIA” is experiential and disorienting. It’s a track that seems to pull you from reality in the best way.

Based in LA, Olivia is an artist and producer whose sound is a blend of jazz, soul, and synth-pop. She is also a multi-instrumentalist and has toured as a background singer for English pop legend Engelbert Humperdinck. Olivia’s voice is airy and ethereal, and her artistic style is one that is experimental and genre-bending.

Listen to “PARASOMNIA” below

As the second single from her SPACE DREAMS EP, “PARASOMNIA” follows her first release “NO ANSWER,” a deeply vibrational track. “NO ANSWER” is bright and other-worldly yet it maintains deep pop roots that keep listeners grooving.

“PARASOMNIA” darkly contrasts “NO ANSWER,” leaning into spooky reverberations and lyrics that hint at soft mysteries. In definition, parasomnia is the term for strange behaviors that occur during sleep or while waking. It makes sense the song lends itself to strangely alluring synths mixed with ethereal vocals.

“It sounds like a normal pop song until the breakdown/bridge, where it warps into a sort of nightmarish and dark space,” Olivia said.

The track is inspired by dreams and the subconscious. At some points, the song feels as if it flows effortlessly. Then, it suddenly feels as if it’s glitching. With so many varied layers of sound, listeners are bound to pick up on something new with each listen.

Lyrically, “PARASOMNIA” doesn’t disappoint, either. It opens with a series of lilted lines. The lyric “You know / I didn’t mean to call you on the phone” is drawn out and inviting. Other lines like “I can’t stop saying your name / saying your name in my sleep” are reverberating and unforgettable.

Olivia Morreale’s synth-drenched track “PARASOMNIA” is a must-listen for all fans of genre (and mind) bending music. After giving this track a listen, you’ll be craving more releases from her SPACE DREAMS EP.

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