Dennis Sy Elegantly Asks ‘Can She Stay’

Dennis Sy

The music industry is a tough one to stay busy in for a long career. We all know the faces of the stars of radio but there are many amazing songwriters that stay busy without ever becoming mainstream darlings. Dennis Sy is a perfect example of this type of unknown star.

Originally from the Philippines, the singer and songwriter now makes his home in New Jersey. Through his 23-year career Dennis Sy has become a Grammy member and BMI songwriter. The influence of his upbringing in Manilla can be heard in the music as well. This unique musical heritage earned Dennis the Outstanding Artist Award from the Filipino American National Historical Society, New York Chapter in 2011. His voice is well known for its ability to move across multiple genres and still remain the focus of the song. Dennis Sy has gained critical acclaim. He has picked up nominations and awards from the Hollywood Music and Media Awards, American Songwriting Awards, and Global Music Awards.



The latest single from Dennis Sy is the beautiful “Can She Stay”. The powerful ballad lets Sy’s voice be at the forefront where it belongs. His elegant delivery flows over a minimal piano melody. The emotion of the song can be truly felt by the listener.

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