10 Year Rap Battle Ends With ‘Diddy Flow’

After a long-anticipated reunion of former label mates King Zaa Zii and J No the Sun King, listeners are finally given a hot new release, “Diddy Flow.” King Zaa Zii and J No the Sun King have worked separately on music for many years, releasing their own modern hip-hop tracks that have reached headlines and won awards such as ‘Best Video of the Year at the Atlanta Hip Hop Awards.

In their 10 years of separation and beef, both artists have released multiple diss records, along with many alleged attacks and hate towards each other, making the release of “Diddy Flow” even more exciting.

With the expertise of producer ‘Blasian Beat’ and King Zaa Zii mixing the song himself, the 3-and-a-half minute ‘Hip-Hop jam’ brings together the different sounds of sub-bass, crisp drum machine hits, and the pairs rhythmic and groovy vocals making it a must-listen-to track this summer. 

“Diddy Flow” proves the hype with its off-the-bat catchy melody and strong base and beats. After the first listen, you want to get up and dance and move around, although it keeps a laid-back sound throughout. Both artists said their intent for the song was to be pure and simple, honoring P Diddys dancing moments on screen. King Zaa Zii and J No the Sun King create great energy and music together, making their reunion worth waiting for. 

Keep an eye out for “Diddy Flow” on all major streaming platforms in both clean and explicit versions.

Check out both artists separately on instagram at @bigzaazii and @jno_the_sunking. 

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