Divining Rod Gives Us A Glimpse Of The Way

Divining Rod

In this time of instant music gratification, fans want a constant stream of songs being released. Many artists have moved towards this model. It is rare to only release albums once every couple of years. Our recent find Divining Rod is doing this as well. In anticipation of their upcoming full length Return To Crystal Cove the band is releasing a 2 track EP to keep the fans satisfied.

The innovative musical duo known as Divining Rod is made up of Hawaiian-born and now Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Miyuki Furtado and guitarist Patrick Harmon. Together they form an interesting mix of folk, country and soul with a psych rock energy.

It is quite an exotic and somewhat innovative sound. Furtado hey chose the Divining Rod name for a reason. “I liked the idea of something that is one part holy relic and one part con game, where you can’t tell what is truth and what is fabricated,” he says. There is a little bit of guessing in their music as well.

Divining Rod Makes Music To Amaze

Hidden to most, in a suburban neighborhood in Long Island, a forgotten studio where Eminem blazed bars and Mariah Carey invented a new brand of soprano, Miyuki Furtado, the creative force behind Divining Rod, is feeling the mojo. This is his second 14-hour day and it’s well past his daughter’s bedtime (and a dad’s pass-out time). The light wooden floor of the tracking room is freshly polished, but these dark walls have history, and Divining Rod is there to carve their name in the peeling paint.


The preview EP that Divining Rod has released is “Hemlock Blues/”Love Come Tumbling,”. The tracks act like bookends of the upcoming album and show the range the duo can achieve. On “Hemlock Blues” the energy jumps at you right from the start. The grooving guitar and peppy drum beat make your heart speed up uncontrollably. It is intoxicating.

On “Love Comes Tumbling” we get a more country folk tone. The instrumentation is not overpowering as every sound has its own space in the mix. This allows the focus to be on the emotion-filled vocals. We can tell that Miyaki truly pours his heart and soul into his songwriting.

If this is an appetizer, we are drooling and ready for the Divining Rod main course of Return To Crystal Cove.

Keep a look out for the new record and news on their WEBSITE.