There are many ways for a true lover of music to share their passion.  It does not have to be with an instrument or even a voice.  Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native DJ Kuwsh went from Napster fanatic to mix tape maker to full on professional DJ.  We caught up with the rising star and got him to share some of the story that got him to where he is today.

DJ Kuwsh

Indie Band Guru:  How did you come up with the name?

Kuwsh is actually my real name. I used to go by DJ MRFNCYPNTS in the beginning but my manager convinced me to change it around my second year in.

IBG:  Tell us about the early days of Holler At Your Boy Entertainment?

I founded Holler At Your Boy in 2006. I had no DJ experience prior to starting the business. Although, I was a rookie and still fairly brand new to the game, I would still promote myself like I was the dopest DJ out. I used to hit up the local bars and clubs shaking hands and giving out business cards and demo cd’s. In the beginning I would DJ for next to nothing. I was just excited to get the experience and exposure. I started raising my fee once I realized how expensive equipment could be. After awhile I built a nice buzz for myself. I met my manager Kat and he’s been helping me get to the next level since then.

IBG:  Tell us about your first show ever (or best show?)

My first show was at a backyard BBQ at a friend’s aunt’s house. I wasn’t really nervous at all. I did my thing I guess… Everyone seemed to think I did a good job that night. Looking back on it, I didn’t know half of what I know now about the art or the business. My best show was opening for DJ Drama. I was definitely in my zone that night and with the concert-like sound system I was feeling like a superstar for real!

IBG:  How do you keep up with your non stop schedule?

I just keep chipping away at it. I try to focus on the smaller steps needed to accomplish a task rather than focusing on the big picture. To answer your question, I just keep on working man.

IBG:   We know you work to help a lot of other DJs, is there competition or a camaraderie?

It’s both competition and camaraderie. I feel like we as DJ’s need to stick together in order to better the common good of the whole. It’s also competition. I mean who doesn’t want to be the best?

IBG:  How does DJing for a Radio show differ from your live DJing?

Well, Djing for the radio is more structured. I always have a set ready or pre-recorded. When I DJ live, I just freestyle. I feed off the energy of the crowd.

IBG:  How do you use social networks to promote yourself?

Social networking is crucial to promoting yourself in this day in age. No matter what your business is. You can reach so many more people through social networks that you couldn’t have otherwise. I use social networks to maintain my relevancy.

IBG:  Are you looking to stay indie or sign with a major label if the opportunity arises?

I’m looking to get some money mane. If an opportunity arises and my team says it’s a go, I’m all for it. In the meanwhile we gon’ grind this independent thing out until we get to where we need to be.

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