DoktorKlein is Back To Hear Us ‘Confess’


As we age the music inside us never fades. It was put there with a mission. That mission of creating new sounds for the world to hear will never die. Keep doing what you love even if you need to take breaks during your life to attend to ‘normal’ life. Our friend DoktorKlein has been at it for quite some time and is back with some new sounds that are as fresh as ever.

It all began way back in the 1980’s as the dance music scene was at its last real peak. Producer and DJ DoktorKlein was a staple in the clubs and discos of Valencia, Spain. His range of styles from Indie-dance, Tech-house, Deep house, and Techno could entertain all types of crowds. His skills also expanded into audiovisual areas in the 90’s. Stop motion and 3D digital effects put him on top of that game as well working with Goya Award winning director Pablo Llorens.

Now DoktorKlein is back in his studio creating original music to bring down the house. His latest track “Confess” is ready for the dance clubs of today. The hypnotic beat will quickly mesmerize the listener and get bodies moving on the dance floor. The echo-drenched lyrics will weave their way deep into the mind as well. At just over six minutes ‘Confess’ provides a full sonic ride that will leave us all wanting more. Rumor is that more new music is on the way.

Keep up with the new music and whereabouts of DoktorKlein on his FACEBOOK.

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